Pet Urgent Care

When your pet needs a vet ASAP


What Is Urgent Care?

Similar to urgent care for people, the pet urgent care in Newton we offer includes treatments that fall between routine exams and emergency care. Essentially, urgent care for pets is whenever you think to yourself, “I think something’s wrong — a vet should take a look at this ASAP.” If you sense your pet is experiencing discomfort, we’d be happy to check things out. Most vets can’t accommodate same-day appointments or walk-ins, but we’re always available right when you need us.

Reasons To Seek Urgent Care

We get a lot of questions about what urgent care is — it’s a new concept, especially in veterinary medicine. Here are some situations that would necessitate urgent care:

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  • Bite wounds
  • Worms, fleas, ticks, or mites
  • Urinating blood
  • Urinary changes
  • Toxin ingestion
  • Your pet ate a foreign body (toy, rawhide, etc.)
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • Itchy skin or rashes
  • Pain or limping
  • Changes in behavior
  • Loss of appetite or overeating
  • Cuts and abrasions
  • Eye issues (tearing, redness, discharge)
  • Ear infections
  • Runny nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • Scooting
  • Hair loss
  • Overgrown nails
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